cookieLight  ®
is the Original creator of Paint_Can Lamps, using  GU24,   CFL, and      Solid State.  LED's with  proprietary  electronics,  on fixture Switching device, all volt Power Cord = Round, White or Black, Ten foot plug in, cord. 
    All Wattage and Kelvin Colors available
      2700k, with GU-24 base, Solid State LED's 
                   New cans or recycled cans.. 
       Corner Wall Sconce, Pin Up Lamps, Pin Up Lights, Corner Wall
               Lamps. Indirect light, Ambient light, Task light.

Dorm Rooms, College, University, SCI-ARC,  UCLA, USC, Occidental,
Loyola, NYU, Stanford, Cal-Tech, MIT, Purdue, Cal-Poly, NASA ..

cookieLight makes great Light.